Helpful Links

Here is a list of other websites that I thought would be helpful.

Who are the Anabaptists?

Anabaptist Solutions has many helpful links and information on Anabaptists.

Christian Light Publications is an Anabaptist publisher that has it's own home school curriculum as well as many books and resources.

Christian Aid Ministries is a large aid channel to meet some of the physical needs of many people groups around the globe. They also have a subsidiary publishing house, TGS International, that has many books and resources available to encourage and educate Christians.

Inspirational Messages

Kingdom Fellowship Weekend takes place in August. Here is a link to past messages that were preached. Very inspirational.

Followers of the Way in Boston, MA has a list of sermons that is very captivating. They have a really good series relating to the issue of divorce and remarriage.

Anabaptist Live is also a conference that encourages building up the church of Jesus Christ. Their messages also are very good.

Canning/Gardening and Homemaking

One blog that I follow is Home Joys. She posts many garden ideas and tips as well as recipes and canning info.

Another one that I follow for good wholesome recipes is Heavenly Homemakers. She has a very interesting style of writing and can often bring a smile to your face.

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