Sunday, August 10, 2014

Pray for Christians being Persecuted!

Let's pray for the ones that are being harmed by ISIS. Here is an article on what is happening now.

Dear Father God,
   We come to You in the name of our King Jesus! We bless You for Your presence and Your love.  We adore you for what You have done for us. We praise You for the blessing of coming to You as Your child redeemed.

And we implore you on behalf of our brothers and sisters being persecuted in the Middle East. We pray that you would bind up the power of Satan and his demons and thwart the plans of these evil men.

 Be very near to the suffering Christians. I pray for the fathers, that you would give them wisdom to lead their families and grace to be strong for You. I pray for the mothers, O God, my heart goes out to them as they have to watch their children suffer! Please fill them with inner strength and physical well being. I pray for the children. We know how much you love the children! I pray for their protection and physical needs. Work miracles by your angels on their behalf!

I pray to for the men carrying out these atrocities. They need to find You as their Savior. Lead them to the foot of the cross where they can find your grace. Stop their wicked plans by the name of King Jesus!

Father, thank You for holding off the demise of this world another day. We know it is because You are being patient with souls that need You. Continue to draw people to You today!

We bless and honor Your Most Holy Name! And pray all this in the name of Jesus Christ! Amen

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